The Official Website of USS ASTORIA CL-90

-image by ship's photographer Herman Schnipper

-U.S. Navy photo in National Archives record group 19-LCM

The MIGHTY NINETY site is dedicated to preserving the history of the light cruiser USS ASTORIA CL-90 and honoring the men who served aboard her.  The site covers her experiences in World War II with the Fast Carrier Task Force and the entirety of her U.S. Navy career.

USS ASTORIA CL-90 Sailors at attention during inspection at Ulithi Anchorage on 3 February 1945.
-image by ship's photographer Herman Schnipper

This is the story of a fine ship and the men who served aboard her. Click on the images below to enter individual sections of the website.

                                          LATEST UPDATE:  February 2012

Video Introduction
Click the video image below to play the 4-minute introduction to this website. Be sure sound is on.

About the Photography 
Sources of images for this site and the restoration process.

World War II History **UPDATED**
A detailed historical account of Mighty Ninety 1944-1945.

Color Film Footage
40 minutes of silent color footage shot from the decks of USS ASTORIA during Okinawa operations.

Ship's Crew Complement  **UPDATED**
Images and stories of the officers and men who served aboard USS ASTORIA CL-90.

Voices of the Pacific War  ***COMING SOON***
Images and stories from friends and family involved in this Pacific War commemoration project.

The Ship
ASTORIA CL-90 photographs and technical information from throughout her service life.

Mighty Ninety Newsletter
The ship's newsletter is published periodically for shipmates, family and friends.

The Legacy of USS ASTORIA
Four ships have carried the namesake of Astoria, Oregon.  This site covers CL-90's predecessors.

In Memoriam
The Mighty Ninety site supports Project 2996 in remembering those lost on September 11th, 2001.

MIGHTY90.com has been in development since December 2007 and will be updated as new information and images become available.  Every effort is made to present an informative, accurate chronology of USS ASTORIA CL-90 and the U.S. Navy in World War II.

If you would like to contribute, comment, or feel that anything is stated in error, please contact me at

Thank you for visiting,
-Brent Jones


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